The use of receivers in divorce cases continues to be an effective enforcement tool.  Many years ago, I was appointed as receiver of a receiver:  football player, Andre Rison.  I was appointed to collect the unpaid child support due his former wife.

Appointing a receiver is frequently the only solution to an insolvable problem.  In Mr. Rison’s case, he was owed a severance payment by the Oakland Raiders.  At the same time I was appointed, the IRS had already levied on the severance payment from the Raiders achat de viagra en suisse.  Ultimately, it became necessary for me to file an action in Federal Court.  By suing the Oakland Raiders and the IRS, I was able to obtain the release of the severance benefit.  The proceeds were used to pay his unpaid child support.

Enforcing divorce judgments can be difficult.  Most family attorneys practices are not focused on post-judgment enforcement.  The use of a receiver helps bring enforcement expertise as well as shifting the enforcement cost to the former spouse.  Michigan law permits placing the burden for payment of the receiver’s fees on the non-complying spouse.




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